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You'll have a ghoulish great time presenting...

Watching this demo video

Halloween Themed PowerPoint Templates

Here's what you get:

4 different template looks to choose from, so you can make it perfectly fit your party's theme.
100% customizable to your needs, this way you can make it as spooky scary as you want...or keep it kid-friendly.
3 Halloween fonts that are 100% usable in any of your presentation projects. No license needed.
Halloween icon library to choose all kinds of images that will make your presentation fun and engaging.

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Mary Jackson

Bel Air, LA

"OMG, these Halloween PPT templates were perfect for my presentation. It was fun, spooky, and a blast."

Make Your Halloween Presentation Memorable

This Template helps you bring the spooky to your presentation

get All of THese Benefits when you buy today

4 Halloween Templates

100% Customizable

3 Custom Made Halloween Fonts

Halloween Icon Library

Was $49.95, Now $9.95 for a limited time:

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Some of our fans...

what Zombies, Vampires, Skeletons, & Ghosts are saying


I had a great time bringing my office party's undead theme to life with this template. Perfect fit for us.

Zombie Karen

Zombie Alliance Group


Making a fun vampire presentation can be hard, but with these templates, our Halloween was neck-biting delicious.

Colin The Vampire

Vampires, Inc.

Bone Chattering

I loved making this presentation bone-chattering exciting for my HR group. Everyone found it hilarious...and somewhat spooky. LOL 

Scott the Skeleton

Skeletons-R-Us HR Group

Ghostly Gags 

What an amazing template that was totally customizable to fit our ghost theme at our fundraiser. It turned our presentation into a hit.

Can't See Me Casper

Ghost Fundraiser Gags

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