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Are You Sick and Tired of Stressing Over Your Student Enrollment Count?

In this 12 page guide, I will share with you how to predictably and consistently get new students and grow your school. Without watering down your style, coaching, or standards.

Watch This Interview With Master Jason...

He shares his experience on the main problem struggling martial arts owners have and his story of finding this method all schools can use to grow their business.

What you'll learn:

Get a behind the scenes look at how to put your student attraction, conversion, and retention process on steroids. Never again stress over your active paying student count. This system can be setup within days for your school. No changes are needed in curriculum or sacrificing your integrity.
The two components of your business that make up 80% of your attraction and conversion (focus your efforts on these two areas and your school will grow like clockwork all year).
The mistake most school owners make that kills their growth (avoiding this error will increase your revenue, put more money in your pocket, and give you more freedom).
My favorite way to prospect for students. You'll get new student trials every week! There will be no cold calling or asking for referrals. No standing on the road with a sign, public school talks, or booths at local events. And no chasing after anyone to enroll in classes.

I have found you waste a lot of time on meaningless tasks as you try to grow your martial arts business to the next level...

You'll know how to get new students, boost growth, and maintain your student enrollment so you can focus on what you love doing BEST - teaching martial arts.

It's not just growth in your business that is the issue. Getting to the next phase in your business is difficult because it takes strategy and a coordinated effort. 

You can reach the next level with an automated approach designed especially for martial arts school owners focused on increasing their student count.

Here are some other student boosting factors you'll learn about:

The six parts that will take your school to the next matter the economic conditions, competition, or geographic area.
How to effectively take inbound calls, so you are booking a minimum of 90% of inquiries to trial class offers (This leads to higher student enrollment).
Are you more of an introvert when it comes to sales? I have a solution for you to take out all the "sales" part of the equation and get sign ups on easy street.
A way to increase your student count without feeling like you are selling out, teaching fake martial arts, or compromising your integrity just to have more students and a flourishing school.
The system used to filter through your leads and get the most high-quality trial classes scheduled so you can spend all your time with the most ready-to-enroll prospects (You student count will quickly go up, increasing revenue and profits to your bottom line).

Hi there...

I'm Jason Froehlich

When I signed the lease on my first school in September 2010, I had zero students, no prospects, and no grand opening event. What I did next changed the game entirely. I started a student outreach system that allowed me to sit back, relax, and simply teach classes. I went from having no students to six-figures within 15 months. My school consistently and predictably attracted new student every month.

I'm now helping you grow your school so you can follow your dreams of having a full school and time to do what you love doing most.

I want you to have the freedom and prosperity you deserve being one of the warriors teaching others the force of change that martial arts can do for them. 

My school had been up and down, but no consistent growth for years...

Until I got this guide, read it, and took action to get to the next phase of my business. It really is nice to not worry about my student numbers or business anymore and simply do what I love.

- Master De La Rosa

At this point, you might be thinking...

“Yeah, I’ve heard this pitch before!” Just download this "free thing" and then you'll spam me to death. As a school owner, you get bombarded with endless s**t that doesn't work. So, I don’t discredit your skepticism. This free guide is short and condensed to give you exactly what you should do. I took out all the fluff and bulls**t so you don't have to waste time reading something pointless. You'll finish reading it in about 15 minutes. So, can you spare 15 minutes to possibly take your school to the next level? The choice is yours - blue pill or red pill. 
You are just going to try to "sell" me or convince me to sign up for something, right? It's coming...I can feel it. There's a catch to this whole thing. No, sir. Sorry to disappoint you. This isn't the predictable "You just have to sign up for my very expensive coaching program" to get results. You will see I put my money where my mouth is. This brand-new approach doesn’t require you to sign up for anything and doesn’t require you to pay for ads, websites, or funnels. It’s ethical and doesn’t require you to water down anything.
I don’t have a very big staff or space, what if I grow too fast? That’s a much better problem to have, but in all seriousness, I can help you figure this out and scale accordingly.
I’ve downloaded other stuff and spoken to other "experts," so how do I know this will work for me? In business, there are no guarantees. You have a higher likelihood of failing than succeeding. You also have a far greater chance your business will just remain a side hustle while you work full-time someplace else. But, there is another side to this equation that isn't taught in schools or from martial arts industry experts. When you know the rules of the game, you can win. I get straight to the point and outline these rules for you in this book.

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If You Haven't Watched The Interview With Master Jason...

Watch it now and learn how to overcome the martial arts business struggle and how this method can help you...

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Muay Thai Gyms

Boxing Gyms

MMA Gyms

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Free PDF Guide (15 min read)

Start growing your martial arts business!

In this 12 page guide, I will share with you how to predictably and consistently grow your school without having to water down your style, coaching, or standards.


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