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How To Stop Chasing After Clients and Get Them To Call You?

Chasing after clients is the hardest way to win a deal – yet we continue to do it.

The process usually goes something like this: to capture their attention we send out mailers, run ads, direct them to our sales page, give presentations, or do free luncheons to sell them something. The more we try to sell, the more their wall goes up.

Why don't clients buy?

There are two big reasons:

1. They aren’t ready at that exact moment. Not everyone is going to buy the first time they hear of you.

2. They don’t recognize you as an expert. You haven’t built enough trust and likability for them to consider you as the go-to person for their problem.

How do you overcome these two problems and get them to buy?

I have a BRAND NEW BOOK that'll help you...

How to grab your audience’s attention (and know exactly what to say when to say it, and how to say it so they keep engaged)
Why tickling their interest with the right questions can win you the deal (and get you a lifetime customer who does repeat business with you)
How to ignite desire for what you have to offer (without having to lower your prices, update your offer, or change your business in any way)
How to get your audience to act now on your proposal (even if they are on the fence about buying)
Why objections are a good indicator (and how to handle them before they even come up)


Everything is possible in business if you know how to close them. Virtually nothing is possible if you do not.

If your business depends on you (or your team) convincing prospects to become clients and customers, then you're painfully aware of this. Yet the vast, vast majority of businesses have nonexistent persuasive presentations and no real closing system to speak of.

They fly by the seat of their pants with nothing but a business plan and a dream. Nothing systematically communicating the solution to their audience.

No wonder most business owners stay small.

That was once my story, too.

Here's what I did about it.

How To Take Your Sales Presentation From Blunderous To Thunderous

For years, my business had a prospect close rate of 21%.

So, to just put food on the table, I had to fill my calendar with sales presentations as I listened to the word “no” all day long.
(And, of course, for many weeks, I simply couldn’t get enough prospects to meet me at all, making my business flounder even harder.)

After almost 15 years as an entrepreneur, I thought that's just the way sales were.

That people were picky and broke, and to get a sale, you had to get "lucky."

Then I attended an in-person sales event where the presenters closed 60%+ of the attendees like clockwork.

I noticed they were doing things I wasn't - trickling in little motivators and persuasion techniques I wasn't using during my presentations.

After returning from the event, I went back to the drawing board, pulled out all my marketing, sales, psychology, and copywriting material, and constructed a scripted formula I could systematically deliver. 

And something incredible happened.

As I turned to the market with my newly polished sales presentation, my hit rate exploded from 21% to 83%.

WARNING: There was no shortcut.

I simply put in the work for weeks and weeks, nose to the grindstone, perfecting my pitch. Tweaking, refining, and ruthlessly analyzing any weak areas for cracks.    

With my hit rate skyrocketing, I quickly got too busy to personally do all my “sales” presentations.

I needed to duplicate myself in order to scale. I hired and taught a brand-new sales person (who had absolutely zero sales experience) my scripted system and reasoning behind each part. I carefully assessing her metrics along the way.

She mirrored my conversion rate exactly – still at 83%!

Hard to believe? Yeah, I would agree, but numbers don't lie and the fact she could achieve this was proof the formula worked. 

I started letting a few of my business friends and contacts use my strategy to see if it was just me or something else… and just as I expected, it was a complete game changer for them, too.

In fact, they are still using it to this day and leveraging the success of their entire enterprises on it!

So on this page, right now, I want to offer you this same thing.

Introducing: The Million Dollar Presentation Formula

This 60-page guide is the exact formula I and many others are using to get 4X to 10X more sales.

This guide WON'T tell you to lower your prices or throw in any freebies, bonuses, or upgrades.

That crap is ridiculous that you would have to offer "more" just to get one sale. 

I’m not going to tell you to start using hard sales tactics, either. Those are just black hat tricks people end up resenting you for. 

This is pure persuasion (human psychology), boiled down to its most actionable essence.

I hate those guides that are heavy on “theory” but don’t give you anything you can sink your teeth into. This is an action guide. There is exactly zero fluff.

In fact, I highly recommend reading this guide twice because it’s extremely value-dense and lesson-rich.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

How one great presentation can change the course of your business - and your life. Get this hard hitting fact on page 3.
The 3 golden rules for a successful pitch that I'll share with you on page 4.
The most effective reason why a formula can turn your presentation into a cash machine. Get this insider tip on page 4.
Why simply having a conversation with your customers may be the key to your success. Learn this little gem on page 5.
How I increased my sales closing rate from 21% to 83%. This will blow your mind (page 5).
The Kobe Bryant technique of mastering the basics. Let a master teach you on page 7 how to take your sales game to the next level.
The 9 key components all good presentation should have. You'll get these on page 9.
How to structure your presentation using a three-part story format (beginning, middle, and end). Page 13
What we can learn from Martin Luther King about putting the audience at the heart of any speech. Get the truth on page 14. 
2 practical exercises you'll learn on page 16 for getting inside your audience’s heads.
How to work out your audience’s real problem – and offer them a solution for it. Do NOT miss this absolute critical fact on page 18.
The ‘power of one’ and the importance of focus. This single factor was a game changer for my'll get it all on page 20. 
The opportunity/desire/mechanism formula that elevates your presentation in the listener's mind, all on page 21.
How to light up your audience’s reward centers keeping them glued to what you have to tell and show. You'll find this on page 24.
How to establish what makes your offering new and unique on page 24, so your audience stays tuned in and tuned up to your message.
The first 3 minutes and the secret to capturing your audience’s attention is revealed to you on page 27.
The key to persuading others by framing your request, find this on page 31.
How to emphasize the benefits of your service to your audience so they buy more from you. Discover it on page 31 as well.
The importance of letting your audience off the hook and why injecting hope is like a magic medicine to your audience's ears. I injected this nugget on page 33.
Why it’s crucial to identify a common enemy. On page 37 you'll learn why your buyers will thank you for this. 
Why we are all manipulators – and how accepting that can help you to connect with your audience. It may sound negative but on page 39 you'll learn how it will make you more relatable. 
The 2 must-know truths about human nature, on page 40, that are critical to improving your sales close rate.
How to disguise the act of persuasion and giving your audience the power to choose takes out all the slimy hard sales tactics from your pitch. Found on page 41.
How to win your audience’s trust on page 42. 
The 3 ‘Rs’ that make a successful pitch, page 43.
The 3 archetypes for making your story relatable; starting on page 43.
What we can learn from Walt Disney about making people believe in magic and how it can drastically improve your sales presentation. See page 47 for all the details.
Why proof is important and how to show your audience how your product works, get insider tips on page 48.
How to pre-empt your audience’s objections and offer them solutions. This is what the professionals do on page 50.
The ‘Mob Method’ for making your offer irresistible. If you dare read this, it is on page 52. 
How to find out what your audience values most; found on page 53, I show you how to get deep in their minds.
A live example of how to structure the close of your presentation and get more people saying 'YES' to your offer. Get it on page 53.
How to emphasize value rather than price and get more from each sale you make, go to page 54 to get this info now.
How to eliminate risk and give your audience a way out so it become a no-brainer decision on your buyer's part. Page 56 covers it all.
A 10-step roadmap for building your presentation on page 58 that you can use in every single sales presentation you create and deliver.

Use This Template For ANYTHING

You can use this sales process over the phone or in person.

It can even be text-based or launched over a sales webinar online.

It can be used for online or in-person workshops.

It also yields big results regardless of your sales experience or background or even what industry you’re in.

Whether you own a global juggernaut of a company or a mom ‘n pop brick and mortar establishment…

Whether it’s high-ticket sales or an affordable monthly membership…

Whether your audience is old, young, rich, poor, local, or international…

The baked-in levers of persuasion you’re about to enjoy in this guide will work.

And work damn well.


I learned the hard way that the opportunity cost of not improving your business’s sales engine is steep.

If I were to change one thing in my life, it would be to create and institute this formula in my sales presentations sooner.

(I could have generated the first million a lot sooner, and I’d definitely be retired by now…!)

Every day that passes is another day of being where you are right now instead of ascending.

They say a wise man learns from his own mistakes.

But an even wiser man learns from the mistakes of others.

Now is your chance to leverage all the testing, toiling, and building I’ve done over many years as an entrepreneur and salesman and put it to use, and start seeing different results.

Read the guide once and then use it this afternoon for your next sales presentation. It will work.

What do you have to do for this to work? It’s simple:

You have to be open-minded. If you go in with a poor attitude, expect poor results or none. That’s what they call a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even the best medicine won’t cure an illness if you’ve convinced yourself nothing will work.
You have to be able to read.

That’s literally it.

You don’t need to be polished, gifted with a silver tongue, born to sell, or have charisma.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled before or how many other approaches you’ve given up on.

Take it from me, a life-long struggling introvert who had almost completely resigned to accepting low sales.

It CAN change.

Things CAN get better.

Faster than you ever imagined.

Instant Lifetime Access Is Yours For A Single Discounted Payment

At this point, you should be asking, what now? You have 3 (and only 3) choices:

Delete this guide and send it to trash. Forget you heard of me or my formula. You can absolutely go back to life as you know it and enjoy what you have. I wish you nothing but the very best. I didn’t enjoy that kind of life, but you can create any destiny you wish.

Use my failed attempts and experience as inspiration. If you are the type who likes to learn things the hard way (not recommend, btw), then you don’t need my help at all.

Skip the hard way approach, and I’ll just show you how to create a sales closing presentation, watch your income skyrocket upwards, and build your best life. Leapfrog up and over low closing rates and get all the happiness, motivation, and results that come from my guide… and start making progress now.

I’m being serious.

What could a two-hour or less read do for you? 

In my humble opinion, EVERYTHING.

Now, you didn’t spend twenty minutes reading this far for nothing…

There was a time I would look at solutions like this and wonder, “Is this really for me? Will it really work?”

There’s one thing I’ve learned in life, hesitation kills or costs you dearly. It costs you your dreams and happiness. It kills your wealth and future success.

I don’t have an easier way of saying this. This is the solution you’ve been waiting for if you want to change your sales close rate.

I’ve invested my time and dumped as much as I could into this guide for you. Now, I want to see you crush your next presentation by perfecting your own sales process and ascending to the next level.

What will closing more sales do for you and your business? I bet a lot.
It would be my honor and pleasure to see you master this.

It’s now your choice!

To building your best business,

Jason Froehlich

My Personal 14-Day Risk Free Guarantee

I am going to make this absolutely simple for you. Get this guide today, read it, and if you feel this was a waste of your time or money, email me and I will refund your money right away. No questions asked. 

My most asked questions...

How do I know this will work for me?

Honestly, I don't know if it will work for you. I don't personally know you, your desire to learn, and how much effort you will put into being successful. I personally took my presentation from 21% to 83% in about 40 days. But, those are not typical results anyone else can get. My brand new, zero sales experience, employee rocked it. She had a very high desire to learn. She listened and followed directions. Then, she put all of it into action. There are no guarantees in business, sales, or marketing. I used to be a "I have to see it to believe it kind of guy." If I couldn't 'see' proof, then it wasn't real. I really never had faith. Faith in myself to trust myself enough to seek out the knowledge I deserved. I always thought you were either born a natural salesperson or not. You either had the gift to gab or you didn't. I found that limiting belief-system to be total bull$#!^. Anyone can learn to close more sales without being an extrovert, gifted, a natural, or making some deal with the devil. How do I know this will work for you? Well, I can't. That is up to you to trust yourself that this message is for you. And if you walk beside me through this journey, I know you can accomplish big things. It is as simple as that.  

Is this difficult to learn?

The simple answer is no. Nevertheless, it will take work to create, refine, and tweak your sales presentation in order to squeeze out the best closing rate you can get. I said earlier that there was no shortcut to this process. If are looking for a shortcut, some hack, or mind trick, then this most likely isn't for you. My presentation close rate skyrocketed because I worked at it. 

Can I use this with my whole sales team?

Yes! I think you really should. I use it with mine because I understand the power of a persuasive, scripted, and well-thought out presentation. It gives your sales machine a reliable way to measure results. You can measure the success of each sales person with the delivery system you create. It helps you help your team improve and be better. 

Why are you discounting it and offering it at this low price?

It's simple. You have opted in to receive a free gift from me. This is probably your first introduction to my 'little world,' so I am offering you another chance for us to get to know each other. However, this is the ONLY time you will see this low price. I will not direct you back to this page once you leave. I'm not that type of marketer and salesperson. I give you an offer, the choice is yours, and now it is up to you to decide. 

Why should I purchase another book on sales?

You and I haven't spent a single moment talking to each other, so I am not going to claim I know you or your needs. Everyone's needs are different. Everyone values something differently than the other. What I can say is if you are a true student of human nature (which all great salespeople are), then this will be another opportunity to peak into a different point of view. A glimpse at another student-master. Top professionals, in all fields, surround themselves with other top players. I strive to be a top player of this game. So, if you want to share in the same game, then I know you will find a golden nugget or two...or more.   

How much time is this going to take?

I purposely made this book short. It is 60 pages long and simple to read. I even dared to make it fun rather than another boring business book on sales. It should take you less than two hours to read. A read you can do in one sitting. While you read it, you can take notes or start building your new sales presentation. 

Today Only!

$97 $27

We've come to the end together. I will see you on the other side no matter which choice you make.

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