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You are going to receive an email in the next few minutes with all the details and instructions for your pitch audit. This is for your records. 

If you are ready right now, here are the steps you want to take:

Step #1: Gather all your documents (this could be your PPT, Keynote, Google Slides, Word Docs, Excel Docs, Google Docs, or anything else) that you have on your pitch and/or presentation, and then send them to:

For the subject line of the email, please put this: [your name, Pitch Audit]

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't have anything ready, or if you feel you need us to sign a NDA before sending this information, then please send us an email letting us know this before we jump on a call together.

Step #2: Once you've sent your document (or sent us an email explained anything we need), please click on this next link below and you'll be sent to our Calendly link to set up a date and time to do your Zoom video call with your personal pitch audit exploration guide.

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