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2022's Top Visitor's Pick

Light Version

Dark Version

Multi-Purpose Business Pitch Deck Template - Light and Dark Versions

Why is this 2022's Top Pick?


The simple design makes it easy for your audience to understand your message.
The modern, clean look keeps your content on each slide clutter-free.
The look and feel delivers a professional image for your presentation.
The template has been designed for you to quickly build authority with your audience.

And finally,

The master slides have been created in The Profitable Pitch signature layout that helps you create authority with your presentation by simply following the framework within the template.

Presentation & Story Development Services:

Let's work together

custom Google Slides presentation design Service

We'll make it look professional.
We'll keep it clean and simple.
Brand it to your standards.
Apply your look and feel exactly how you want it.

Free 30 min consultation

Why should you jump on a call with us?

If you want to...

Discuss the scope of your project, so you are fully understood.
Have a team of experts, not just one freelancer.
Get your project delivered on time and how you want it.
Have communication that works from start to finish.
Get a Fortune 100 level design that elevates your presentation.

Let's discuss your project, what your needs are, how we can solve them, and give you a plan on how we'll manage your project from start to finish with a dedicated project manager, art director, and designer.

Some of our Work:

Visual Story Made Simple, Clean, & Easily Understood

Visual Story Made to Flow

Content Created to Keep the Audience Engaged

Designed to be Clear, Concise, and Compelling

Refreshed. Rebranded. Revitalized.

Clean. Clear. Captivating.

Let's make your story flow

custom story flow Development

We'll help your message make an impact.
We'll help craft your story flow to keep your audience interested.
You'll get the message to inspire action.

Free 30 min consultation

Jump on a Zoom call with us and we'll discuss your project together, figure out what you need, and help you put a plan together to deliver your message virtually, in-person, or whatever platform you are standing on. 

let's figured it out together

One-on-one Consulting

We'll outline a roadmap for you to follow.
We'll give you the ideas to begin creating.
You'll have all the necessary tools to finish your pitch.

2 Hr Strategy Session - $1,500

Just can't seem to figure out where to start, how it should be created, and what you should do to get it to the finish line - we can help! Whether it's you are working solo or have a team, we can jump in and do a strategy session to get you on the right path and help you get the results you want.

Who are we?

Ah yes...the obligatory 'who we are' section

We dislike talking about ourselves as much as the next person. 

But, here it goes anyway...

We needed to get our message out to the world, much like you. We have a mission, a product, a service, a story, and it needs to be shared. So, we stepped out in 2021, the year after the world started falling apart. But, don't let our youth as a company scare you. The team behind The Profitable Pitch has a combined two plus decades of working with Fortune 100 companies (in some of the most competitive Silicon Valley industries). Whether on their presentations, pitches, or stories we've been there. 

The single greatest problem we kept uncovering no matter project size or budget: finding great pitch designers and message experts was a nightmare. Getting ghosted, not delivering on time, poor design skills, lack of creativity, or just completely not hitting the mark seemed to be the norm. 

Something needed to change. 

And if that isn't a strong enough reason to set up a was the very core 'why' we've given life to The Profitable Pitch. You need someone who can scope your project, manage it from start to finish, have great presentation design skills (and can work in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote seamlessly), message expert who can craft a remarkable story, and strategic partners who can consult on making your pitch convert so you can get results. 

Google Slides Templates and Design Services. Book a free consultation with us, no obligation session.

Presentation Design Service

We'll make it look professional
We'll keep it clean and simple
Brand it how you need it
Keep your audience engaged
Show'em what you want to tell'em

Custom Story Flow Creation

We'll help your message make an impact
Crafted story flow to keep your audience's interest
Get a message that inspires action
Secure your results to improve sales and profits
Keep them coming back for more

Not sure?

How about a free Clarity Call?

Are you still a bit unsure of what you really need or where to begin the process? If so, don't fear - we can still help you figure this out. Even if we don't end up working together, just having a bit more clarity can sometimes jump start your idea and get it moving in the right direction.

Here's what I a free 20-minute consultation with me and let me help you clear the fog of confusion.

I hired The Profitable Pitch team to help me craft a better investor deck. They took my presentation and pitch that was bland and blah and turned it into a more exciting, engaging, and inspiring asset. Now, I get calls, people wanting to do business with me, and most importantly...people remember who I am and why I gave my pitch.

Ben Dennis

Real Estate Investor and developer

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We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.