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TPP Investor Template Visual

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TPP Investor Template Visual

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TPP Investor Template Visual

You'll have a ghoulish great time presenting...

Watching this demo video

Halloween Themed PowerPoint Templates

Here's what you get:

4 different template looks to choose from, so you can make it perfectly fit your party's theme.
100% customizable to your needs, this way you can make it as spooky scary as you want...or keep it kid-friendly.
3 Halloween fonts that are 100% usable in any of your presentation projects. No license needed.
Halloween icon library to choose all kinds of images that will make your presentation fun and engaging.

"OMG, these Halloween PPT templates were perfect for my presentation. It was fun, spooky, and a blast."

Mary Jackson

Bel Air, LA

Make Your Halloween Presentation Memorable

This Template helps you bring the spooky to your presentation

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4 Halloween Templates

100% Customizable

3 Halloween Fonts

TPP Investor Template Visual

Halloween Icon Library

TPP Investor Template Visual

"These templates turned a mundane Halloween office meeting into a motivational event that's still remembered today."

Steve McCord

Knoxville, TN

Some of our fans...

what Zombies, Vampires, Skeletons, & Ghosts are saying


I had a great time bringing my office party's undead theme to life with this template. Perfect fit for us.

Zombie Karen

Zombie Alliance Group


Making a fun vampire presentation can be hard, but with these templates, our Halloween was neck-biting delicious.

Colin The Vampire

Vampires, Inc.

Bone Chattering

I loved making this presentation bone-chattering exciting for my HR group. Everyone found it hilarious...and somewhat spooky. LOL 

Scott the Skeleton

Skeletons-R-Us HR Group

Ghostly Gags 

What an amazing template that was totally customizable to fit our ghost theme at our fundraiser. It turned our presentation into a hit.

Can't See Me Casper

Ghost Fundraiser Gags



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